I’m a huge fan of Animoto, but I often have a hard time convincing people that a Pro account is worth the cost of admission. Luckily, you have an opportunity to get at least one free year of Pro account features from Animoto for a Cause.

Animoto for a Cause understands that money is tight for nonprofits, and accepts applications for a free year of Animoto Pro features. I keep saying “Pro features” because it includes everything but the removal of the Animoto branding at the end (I took it off easily with iMovie). Just to silence the skeptics, most companies steer clear of giving churches free things, something I’ve learned first-hand multiple times. I was almost too skeptical to even bother, but I applied for our church and had my account upgraded within 24 hours.

It doesn’t take long to apply, so head on over to Animoto for a Cause and get started. And if you want to be a blessing to me, copy and paste my referral code- gyvswrdh – in the promotional blank when you register for an account. Just be sure to sign up with your .org email address associated with your church’s or ministry’s website.