Most churches don’t have a lot of spare cash, so this list of freebies should tide you over until your deacons win the lottery. I’ll keep updating this list with mostly ministry-focused sources, but if you know of some more or notice someone rudely removed the free stuff, please let me know.

Images, Videos, and Web Tools


Even though their prices have become pretty ridiculous, they still offer multiple free items on a weekly or monthly basis. I’ve also compiled a list of free photo offers that iStock has had over the years. Just use these links to get your collection started off right. Visit iStock, or view free offers.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a fairly new site that offers cheap vectors, fonts, textures, web elements, and more. They also have a few free items that change weekly, so bookmark it to check on what’s new. Visit Creative Market.

Graceway Media

Their collection of free items is a nice sample of the great things they offer subscribers: high quality slides, HD video, and Photoshop files. Visit Graceway Media.


This is a great resource for free and paid files including psd’s, images, vectors, even some nice logos if yours needs an update. Most of their best stuff is free, and you can give back by donating or selling your own original files. Visit CreationSwap.

WebTreats ETC

This site is definitely a treat. They offer psd web templates, icons, textures, tileable backgrounds, and much more. All items are free to use personally or professionally. Visit WebTreats ETC.


This list is just to get you started. Here are a few more sites that create or collect free files:
Designer Fix – similar to WebTreats ETC
PSD Graphics – a lot of good-looking, free Photoshop files
Free PSD Files – another site with free Photoshop files


Lost Type

The only font site worthy of an honorable mention, Lost Type incorporates a pay-what-you-want model for their outstanding fonts. So if you’re particularly cheap (why else would you be here), just type in the number 0 in the Amount box and enjoy your free font. But seriously, when that huge offering comes in, head back and make a donation for your favorite fonts. Visit Lost Type Co-Op.

The Rest

Nothing helps you mix up a design like a good font. Here are some other sites that collect massive amounts of free fonts: | Font Squirrel | 1001 Free Fonts